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Since Kate came back to China from Europe this mid of July, her publisher asked to invest in not only publishing her first book but also distributing it throughout China.  Her first book is her memoir from 1999 to 2008, which was completed in 2009 and edited last year to be ready for May of this year due to the timing.  Currently, she's been writing her second book – her memoir from 2009 to 2018, which is expected to be completed after the Chinese New Year and to go to market in late 2018.  Between now and then, there will lie in many marketing and PR activities for more brand exposure, visibility, and awareness not only of KateChanResearch but also of their colleagues, clients and partners.


With a total of 300,000 words, the two books recorded her memories of the past 18 years, honestly stated her independent journey from her educational life to her entrepreneurial life from scratch, consisting of 1) how her first company failed and how she carried the debts, 2) how she served Fortune 500 companies as her clients even though she couldn’t find a job in the job market, 3) how her quality and services have been recognized by official organizations worldwide, 4) how she was challenged by fierce competition and misunderstandings, 5) how she bounced back from a serious burnout, 6) how she is welcomed to access to the top 1% circle while disclosing how the success of this group of people came about…and most of all 7) what would be her next move combining all resources globally for the coming years.  The stories are continuing as well as the book.


These two books are in Chinese language. For the foreign language edition, the books will be translated and adjusted due to many reasons. We welcome foreign publishers to discuss about cooperation, not only for these two books but also our forthcoming business guides with a subject of Internationalization.  For further update, please stay tuned. 


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